Catering Services

  • Corporate Catering Management.
  • Restaurant & Café Management.
  • Healthcare Catering Management.
  • Outdoor Catering Management.
  • Pantry & Cafeteria Management

We understand the importance of the food hospitality. Food punctuates the day and are anticipated with pleasure and savored when served. We recognize the nutritional needs for our clients. We provide food services which are designed & formulated keeping in the mind the needs & requirements of our clients. The products we serve must meet our rigorous standards from basic ingredients to Perishables & non-perishables products. We carefully evaluate each and every food which we produce to serve; we feature foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. We are passionate about great tasting food and the pleasure to serve our clients. Kannelite committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat. We design our food hospitality just not on food chemistry but also the food ideology, philosophy and careful evolution of the promise we’ve made to our clients including “Thinking, Presentation & Taste”. We are a team of professional managers, chefs, cooks and hospitality associates focused on our customers and guests, making their eating experiences at work the very best part of the day. We use technology to become ever better more cost effectively at what we do. Our attention to detail is most evident in our food presentation, our care and maintenance of your facilities, our relationship with our people and our conservative, prudent and proficient management of your investment in on-site food services. Our menu includes vast array of cousins includes Indian, Continental, Oriental, Chinese, Maxican, Thai and many more throughout the different origins. Our commitment to service, quality and value makes us stand out from the crowd, helping us carve new milestones in the food service industry! Our hospitality experts plan everything necessary to help our client realize the successful enterprise that they envisioned. Kannelite also plan your way most efficient catering equipments to select, and make suggestions that will be feasible within your cost. In addition, we used to plan the appropriate layout of the equipment and arrange for the acquisitions and installation. We also offer our clients a complete solution of pantry and cafeteria management. We offer these services for Events, parties and various special occasions.