Glass Polishing & Scintellering Techno

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We specialize in scratched or defaced glass repairs, whether it be Graffiti, Acid etching or Careless cleaning, we polish glass so it is restored to its original condition, we sell our own DIY and professional glass polishing systems. We offer full training and ongoing technical support. By polishing glass we are allowing you to make huge savings compared to the replacement price, our skilled technicians repair 3 times faster than any of our competitors, the Glass Polish System is known to be the fastest most cost effective method in the world.

Glass Polish Systems We have developed a range of products form non-abrasive to abrasive and from DIY to Professional. We even developed the worlds exclusive DRY POLISH used by our technicians. Our wide range of satisfied customers that includes Individuals, building contractors, developers, retail shops offices and property owners will attribute to this.

he System is based on a 3 stage process: Stage One: Using an abrasive flat disc to gently fine the glass to the level of the scratch, the process removes 0.1mm to 0.2mm of glass this stage determines the removal of the damage. Stage Two: Working the area with finer grades of similar abrasive equipment to fine the damaged area and blend it to the rest of the glass, we will keep on fining the window pane until it is lightly misted and ready to be polished. Stage Three: The final polish, we deploy a hard felt pad with a mixed paste glass polishing compound to be applied to the glass, we work the area until the mist is completely gone and the glass is polished to its original clarity.

All materials used are non toxic and environmentally friendly.